Measuring Circularity: The Gordian Knot of The 21st Century

Gepubliceerd op 6 oktober 2022 om 15:46

Met dank aan Nathalie Deurhof voor de foto.

On October 5, 2022, the first Circular Economy (CE) Festival was held at the Utrecht Science Park (USP). The festival was especially intended to allow students and scientists of "residents" of the USP to get to know each other and to exchange knowledge and experiences about CE.

Ed Nijpels as chairman of the SER Sustainable Development Committee was our special guest. He gave an introduction related to the recently published report on the raw materials transition that will be necessary to achieve the climate goals.

The findings of the SER confirm the direction of my research in which I work towards making circular maturity measurable from a holistic / integral perspective.

In a parallel session I was able to present the state of my research. You can download the PDF of my presentation here. Among other things, I spoke about the definition of CE, the R strategies and the many measurement models that are already available, but are hardly used.



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